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AmPro will focus attention on stopping and preventing water damage and moisture intrusion. We plan and provide new construction, remediations, repairs and renovations to Homeowners, Property Mangers, Builders, Realtors, Engineers and Constructors.

We start with onsite customer meetings to assess all of you building and repair needs to provide you with a reliable estimate. As a qualified waterproofing contractor you can rely on us to perform the work correctly.

Services Offered:

• Assist in the Inspection Process
• Balcony Flashings and Repairs
• Brick and Stone Repairs and Replacement
• Cleaning and Pressure Washing
• Column Rebuild and Repairs
• Commercial Construction
• Core Samples
• Crack Repairs
• EIFS Removal and Repairs
• Exterior Repairs and Replacements
• Floor Coatings and Sealing
• Interior Damages and Repairs
• Kick-out and Diverter Flashings
• Maintenance Contracts
• Painting and Sealing
• Residential Construction
• Sealants and Caulking
• Structural Framing and Improvements
• Stucco Removal Repairs and Replacement
• Sub-grade Waterproofing
• Tile and Natural Stone Flooring
• Water Damage Repairs
• Window and Door Replacement
• Wood Rot Repairs


Core Samples:

Core samples are typically a small removal or cut-out of the exterior surface to identify the areas in need of repair.  By removing a portion of the exterior will assist to determine the extent of any damage to the underlying substrate, framing or structure.  (Photo Examples)
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Caulking and Sealants:

Failing, missing or improper installation of sealants are common problems found at and around windows, doors, flashings, fascias, soffits, diverters, fixtures, terminations and utility penetrations.  Without properly applied sealants at the exterior of the structure water can penetrate these areas and cause considerable damage.  We recommend having your exterior sealants evaluated by our skilled craftsmen. AmPro will identify the areas that are not properly sealed and remove any old sealants as necessary to apply a long lasting, high quality, paintable sealant that is hand tooled in place.
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Exterior Repairs and Replacement:

AmPro specializes in all types of exteriors including stucco, stone, brick, concrete, wood, hardie and masonry. We provide and install quality materials and hardware on every job to assure you the best protection. After the identification of the needed repairs by a qualified inspector and or core samples with the owner’s approval the exterior surface will be safely removed to expose the substrate, framing, structure and insulation.  This process will determine the extent of damaged areas to be removed and replaced.
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The flashings in various areas play a vital roll to ensure that water is diverted away from the roof to wall intersections, balconies, chimneys, windows and other various terminations.  We install the correct type, properly sized flashings or membranes to waterproof and seal all the various areas.
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Framing and Carpentry:

AmPro Construction Services provides skilled carpenters in the repairs or replacement of the framing, support columns and structural beams including all types of exteriors from the flooring to the ceiling.  We will remove and repair any wood rot that has been identified within the construction project.  AmPro can provide new windows and doors, thresholds and jambs, fascias and soffits along with trims and moldings.  Our qualified and experienced staff has the expertise to waterproof the building and beautify the exterior for a long lasting finish.


Cleaning, Painting and Sealing:

Exterior structures of all different types require certain methods and solutions to properly clean and carefully remove contaminants such as dirt, dust, oils and mildew stains.   We start by protecting the surrounding area to be washed or painted and then use the proper pressure washing or painting equipment.  AmPro will clean, paint or seal your exterior surfaces and floors and return them to the luster look you choose to have.