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Thank you for visiting our site. We would like
you to get acquainted with our work. Here is a
list of major projects completed in the past five
years. You can see more details and pictures
of our projects in our commercial portfolio,
residential portfolio, and remodeling portfolio.


Project Amount Architect Owner Year
Grant Sugar Land, TX Master Bath NA 2016-17
Skovan Sugar Land, TX Master Bath NA 2016-17
MRI Jackson Hill Condos – Repair Stucco Exterior 5 Floors Entire Building NA 2016-17
Crogaret Richmond, TX Master Bath and Guest Bath NA 2016-17
Gifford Sugar Land TX, Whole House Remodel NA 2016-17
Williams Richmond, Texas Whole House Remodel NA 2016-17
Reid Sugar Land, Texas Master Bath NA 2016-17
Hood Sugar Land – Interior & Ext Repairs w/ Waterproofing & Seal NA 2016-17
Kobylar Sugar Land, TX Master Bath, Whole House Flooring and Outdoor Living Space NA 2016-17
Gifford Sr. Sugar Land Master Bath NA 2016-17
Downing Sugar Land Kitchen NA 2016-17
Marek Rosenberg Master Bath NA 2016-17
Hagan Pearland Master Bath NA 2016-17
Martin Sugar Land Master Bath NA 2016-17
Krauskopf Sugar Land Flooring NA 2016-17
Southeast Texas Interest Houston TX 2 Story Office Building Water Proofing and Seal NA 2016-17
Brzezinski Richmond, Tx  Master Bath NA 2016-17
Beard Needville Kitchen & Bath NA 2016-17
Johnson Richmond Roofing and Exterior Repairs and Seal NA 2016-17
Nugent Sugar Land Concrete NA 2016-17
Armatta Sugar Land Concrete NA 2016-17
Uniform Destination Cypress, Texas NA 2015-16
Crump Valley Lodge, Texas  Entire house Remodel NA 2015-16
Haas Richmond, Texas Entire House Remodel NA 2015-16
Watts Sugar Land, Texas Master & Guest Bath Remodel NA 2015-16
Mackinnon Sugar Land, Texas Whole House Remodel NA 2015-16
Croegaret Richmond, Texas Guest & Master Bath Remodel NA 2015-16
Skovan Sugar Land, Texas Master Bath Remodel NA 2015-16
Brzezinski Richmond, Texas Kitchen Dining and Fireplace Remodel NA 2015-16
Daugherty Sugar Land, Texas Entire House Remodel NA 2015-16
Grant Sugar Land, Texas Master Bath Remodel NA 2015-16
Wright Sugar Land, Texas Outdoor Living Area w/ Fireplace and Summer Kitchen NA 2015-16
Jackson Place Condominiums Houston ,Texas Repairs and Paint Exterior Stucco and Paint Entire Building NA 2015-16
Imperial Tattoo Sugar Land NA 2015-16
Duncan Sugar Land, Texas Flooring NA 2015-16
Downing Sugar Land, Texas Master Bath NA 2015-16
Meyer-Cook Sugar Land, Texas Master Bath NA 2015-16
Rogers Sugar Land, Texas Flooring NA 2015-16
Nguyen Sugar Land, Texas Outdoor Living Space NA 2015-16
Allison Sugar Land, Texas Master Bath NA 2015-16
Bump Sugar Land, Texas Exterior Repairs NA 2015-16
Fontenot Sugar Land, Texas Exterior Repairs NA 2015-16
E.T. Ranch Guy, Texas Barn Expansion, Concrete Pads, etc NA 2015-16
Evan’s Kitchen NA Intrinsic Décor Evans 2013-14
Elkin’s Patio NA In-House Elkins 2013-14
Make Ready Ext & Int NA In-House Brunson 2013-14
Beres Kitchen NA Intrinsic Décor Beres 2013-14
Waldorf Workout Room NA In-House Waldorf 2013-14
Outdoor Kit / Patio NA In-House Armatta 2013-14
Make Ready Int & Ext NA In-House Campbell 2013-14
Stamped Concrete Patio NA In-House Carpenter 2013-14
Room Addition NA Wright 2013-14
Custom Home NA Roxburgh 2013-14
Johnson 5 Bathrooms NA Intrinsic Décor Johnson 2013-14
Shelton Kitchen & Bath NA In-House Shelton 2013-14
Total Gut & Remodel NA Intrinsic Décor Scott 2013-14
Kit Upgrade NA Intrinsic Décor Zody 2013-14
Fireplace, Kitchen & Master Bath NA Intrinsic Décor Hawker 2013-14
Kitchen & Bath NA Intrinsic Décor Griffen 2013-14
Kitchen, Fireplace & Bar NA Intrinsic Décor Taylor 2013-14
Building Repairs NA Stockard Realty 2013-14
Kitchen, Guest Bath, & Exterior NA Intrinsic Décor Bolen 2013-14
Master Bath NA Intrinsic Décor Koler 2013-14
Kitchen, Patio & Master Bath NA Wittry 2013-14
Jj Bath & Master NA Intrinsic Décor Kelly 2013-14
Crotwell Kitchen NA Amy Roberts Crotwell 2013
Dolan Kitchen NA Amy Roberts Dolan 2013
Lyon Bathroom NA Amy Roberts Lyon 2013
Blagg Repairs NA In-House Blagg 2013
Thompson Waterproofing/Termite Damage NA In-House Thompson 2013
Greene Remodeling NA Amy Roberts Greene 2013
Boone Multi Bath Remodels NA Boone Boone 2012
Boone Waterproofing Conroe & Sugar Land NA Boone Boone 2012
Berry Remod NA Berry Berry 2012
Carlton Roofing NA Carlton Carlton 2012
Caron Remodel NA Carlton Carlton 2012
Chartier Remodel NA Chartier Chartier 2012-13
Chester Outdoor Kitchen NA Chester Chester 2012
Fielder Room Addition NA Fielder Fielder 2012
Haas Major Flooring Repair NA Haas Haas 2012
Jovel Ext Waterproofing NA Jovel Jovel 2012
Jovel Remodel NA Jovel Jovel 2013
King Remodel NA King King 2012
Mc Nally Remodel NA Mc Nally Mc Nally 2013
Reid Remodel NA Reid Reid 2012
Rindenow Ext Brick NA Rindenow Rindenow 2012
Roxburgh Custom Home NA Roxburgh Roxburgh 2013
Schlotzsky’s Hwy 6 Houston NA Schlotzsky’s Schlotzsky’s 2012-13
Schlotzsky’s I-10 Bunker Hill NA Schlotzsky’s Schlotzsky’s 2013
Synergy Post Oak Ext Remodel High Rise NA Synergy Synergy 2012
Trainum Fire House NA Trainum Trainum 2012-13
Wright Remodel NA Wright Wright 2012-13
Wills Remodel NA Wills Wills 2012-13
Johnson Flood House / Remodel NA Johnson Johnson 2013
Koler Patio Cover NA Koler Koler 2012
CVS #3156 $250k Tri-C CVS 2011
Purplex Phase I & II $200k+ JMLR 2010-11
King – Major Int Remd $50k+ In House King 2011
Dr. Anderson – Outdoor
Kitchen, Fireplace,
& Patio Cover
$40k+ In House Anderson 2011
Johnson – Int Doors SC $35k+ In House Johnson 2011
Mr. & Mrs. Anderson
Patio Cover & BBQ Area
Anderson 2011
Hill – Wood Flooring
Entire Home
$10k+ In House Hill 2011
Lyon – Concrete Slab &
Cicular Driveway with
$30k In House Lyon 2011
Banks Residence $10K In House Banks 2011
Rundle Residence $10K In House Rundle 2011
Richmond Bone & Joint $10K In House Richmond Bone & Joint 2011
Anderson Residence $25K In House Anderson 2011
Paggi Center $175K In House Paggi 2010
Purplex Center $100K In House JMLR 2010
Schooley $200K In House Schooley 2010
Grieger $40K In House Grieger 2010
Overstreet $30K In House Overstreet 2010
Rucker $25K In House Rucker 2010
Lyon $25K In House Lyon 2010
Suarez $50K Cornerstone Suarez 2010
Kivlin $50K In House Kivlin 2010
Vance $10K In House Vance 2010
Nguyen $150K In House Nguyen 2010
La Magia Cafe & Pizza $60K+ In House Ray Razmahdedeih 2010
Greatwood Animal Hospital $650K Intexture Dr. Anderson 2009
Cliff’s Hamburgers $110K Interfield Shanar 2008
Sandella’s Flatbread $110K In House N/A 2008
Ray’s Grill $490K Intexure R. Salti 2008
Melody’s Day Spa $140K Lasco N/A 2008
Wild Wing Café $800K Intexure R. Court 2007
Funky Monkey $65K Frankle Q. Sellars 2007
Schlotzsky’s Katy $200K Intexure D. Yi 2007
Schlotzsky’s Mo City $202K Intexure H. Lo 2007
Greenberg II $320K Frankle G. Greenberg 2007
Simpley Donuts $85K Frankle T. Ebhamed 2007
Pepperoni’s Fulshear $189K Frankle R. Salti 2007
Pepperoni’s Rosenburg $185K Frankle R. Salti 2007
Greatwood Vet Board $121K Mueller R. Anderson 2006
Mi Pueblito $200K Boyce Arch O. Velasquez 2006
Brookstreet #2 $720K C. Davis Wilson J. Musa 2006
Zabak’s Med. Grill $140K Frankle S. Zabak 2006
Today’s Coffee $70K In House H. Orelana 2006
NTB $145K Customer Corp. 2006
Helzberg $35K Customer Corp. 2006
Cyclone Anaya $495K Di Nunzio R. Valencia 2006
Eat’s Express $45K In House J. Musa 2006
Dr. Sarna $48K CDI M. Sarna 2006
City Of Sugar Land Ongoing City C. Peschel 2006
PDS Comp Whs. $170K In House 2006
Texas Kolache Shoppe $68K Sunstar Grp. F. Parker 2006
Greenberg I $78K Frankle G. Greenberg 2006
Gringaux’s Seafood $1MM+ C. Davis Wilson 2006
Gringos Mexican $275K C. Davis Wilson 2006
Pepperoni’s Fulshear $190K Frankle R. Salti 2006
Pepperoni’s Pecan Grove $175K Frankle R. Salti 2005
Pepperoni’s Sienna $185K Frankle R. Salti 2005
Fernando’s Formerly Ruth’s Chris Sugarland $155K Comeaux Corp. 2005
Ninfa’s Mo City $415K Inerfield T. Shanar 2005
Dr. Popeney $180K Lawless D. Popeney 2005
Le Le Nails $71K Wingfield/Sears D. Ho 2005
Bee’s Creek Grill $110K Lawless J. Foteh 2005
Allstate Insurance $51K Customer Corp. 2005
Innovative Montessori $180K Interfield Munir 2005
Cartridge World $62K Spatial Concepts R. Snider 2005
Guyaba $131K Goldbaum E. Gonzales 2005
City of Bellaire $26K In House 2005
Ice Cream Shoppe $82K Oscar Nable O. Nable 2005
Hilton Skyline Bar $86K 3-V Hilton 2005
Niner’s Grill BH $175K STM A. Quatom 2005
Pepperoni’s First Colony $155K Frankle R. Salti 2005
Memorial Pkwy. Ctr. $53K Codi Assoc. 2005
Maxwell $270K Customer Maxwell 2005
Mahaney $340K Customer Mahaney 2005
Taing $565K Customer Taing 2005
Rcsh / Urban Leather $140K Comeaux Corp. 2004
Pepperoni’s Woodbridge $160K Frankle R. Salti 2004
Rocky’s $84K Frankle R. Foteh 2004
Niner’s Grill Pg $168K STM A. Quatom 2004
Parkdale Mall $275K Frankle A. Seo 2004
Grand Oaks Comm $810K Ctjw / Omega Grand Oaks 2003
Pepperoni’s Riverstone $165K Frankle R. Salti 2003
Ruth’s Chris Houston $245K Comeaux Corp. 2003